Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Zebra Collages

Can you tell I like mixed media? We all have our fav's we gravitate towards, and mixed media is defintely one of mine. It doesn't always seem to be a favorite for people who "judge" art contests, but as art teachers, we are constantly trying to balance what we believe is important for the kids to do, and what others might be pleased with. More about that later.

I found this zebra look on this website

Blue paper cut to about 12X15
Vanilla paper :)
White paper
Black markers
B&W yarn
Old straw broom pieces.
Pom poms
Googly eyes (optional)
Tacky glue

1. Have students tear a piece of manila paper and glue on, torn side up.
2. Trace a rectangle on white paper about 4" X 5"
3. Provide strips of white paper for students to make legs,neck and head.
4. Draw stripes on body, legs, neck and head. Show images of actual zebras so they can see how the stripes are curved and vary in width. Encourage to draw them this way, otherwise you will get straight up and down stripes.
5. Assemble and glue down the parts.
6. Tear pieces of batting for clouds, if desired. Add a pom pom for nose, draw eye or use googly eye, add b&w yard for mane and head. Glue on pieces of broom for grass.

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