Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Insects and a Few Spiders

This idea is from Fem Manuals   but with a few modifications.
Tag board
Plastic notebook dividers
Scrap paper
Pinking shears
Pom poms
Tacky glue

1. Cut ovals from tagboard, about 5 inches long.
2. Cut ovals from felt.
3. Students will glue these pieces together, and cut 4 or 5 slits on each side. (or teacher can do this)
4. Students will criss cross the string, starting from the back.
5. Cut small ovals from colored plastic for insect wings. If student would like to make a spider, then of course, no wings. Glue these on.
6. Use pinking shears to cut legs. glue these coming from back.
7. Cut a half oval from scrap paper and glue that on for the head.
8. Curl the wire if desired, and attach pom poms if desired for antenaes
9. Use some paper qulling and tightly curl strips of paper, for insect eyes. Glue on.

If student is making a spider, remind them to attach eight legs, (although I find every student knows this about spiders) and can use "hairy" yarn.

If you would like to mount one insect for display, here is an idea:

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