Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Long Legged Birds

 This lesson explores the concept of opposites and color perception. You can have the students name some opposites, (like hot/cold, etc.) Though B&W aren't technically opposite colors,(as on the color wheel) you can explore how colors look against other colors (Albers)

B&W paper cut to 10X15
White paint
Black paint
Small colored paper squares

1. Give students either a W or B paper.(You could let them choose,but if you are planning to display these, there will probably be an imbalance. Instruct on drawing the bird body like a tear drop shape. Remind them to leave a little space at the top.. Or, you can use a template. Add a circle head.
2. Paint over drawn bird body and add head and tail feathers, and beak. Paint claws on bottom.
3. Glue on colored squares.
4. Add a small dot for the eye.

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