Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Clay Hearts

White firing clay, though this could be made with Model Magic or air dry.
Scrap fabric cut into 8X8 squares
Scrap paper or card stock cut into  6X6 squares
Small mat board, cut into 10X10 squares.
Glaze or paint

1. Have students make a clay heart about 5 inches wide.
2. Dry and fire.
3. Glaze or paint any color.
4. Students can choose a piece of fabric and card stock to go with their heart.
5. Hot glue or tacky glue the heart onto the card stock square.
6. Glue the card stock square onto the fabric square.
7. Glue that onto the mat board piece. (As you can tell, there is a lot of assembly required, but they  have a nice visual effect on display.)
8. They can add beads and paper quilling around the outside of the heart.

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