Tuesday, June 5, 2012

T Tube Fish


TP tubes
Watercolor paper or heavy white paper
Colored plastic notebook dividers
Colored dots
Plastic wrap

1. Make background by painting with watercolor, then placing a piece of wrinkled plastic wrap on it, leave to set for a while.

2. Paint the tube any color. We used metallic paint.

3. Cut two even slits at the bottom and top of the tube.

4. Provide a template for the fins and tail. Make two front fins and one tail. Students trace and cut on the plastic.

5.Put a couple dabs of tacky glue in the slits and slide the tail and fins into them and let dry.

6. Students can place colored dots on the tube for scales. Place one at the top for an eye, or paint it, then draw an eyeball.

7. Glue onto background.

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