Monday, June 18, 2012

Shiny Moons

A simple project to do with Kinder's or 1st gr.


Paper plates
Heavy duty foil
White paint.
Black or dark blue paper 9X12
Touch of glitter, (if desired)
Small cardboard box
Toothbrushes or spray bottles

1. If you are brave enough, let students draw and cut their own crescent shape from the paper plate, otherwise, pre-cut the crescent shapes.
2. Students will cover the moon shape with foil. Demonstrate keeping it along the curve. They can put some glue on the crescent shape beforehand, to help hold the foil in place. Remind them to cover the entire moon, and not leave open spaces. (This takes some patience)
3. Have students flick white paint onto black paper with the toothbrush, to create stars and milky way or they can use a spray bottle to spray it on. (Paint must be thinned) (Place the paper inside the box on its side)
4. Glue foil moon onto paper. You can add touches of silver glitter.

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