Monday, June 4, 2012

Snail Collages


Green const. paper
Green, lime green, yellow paint
Crayola Model Magic
Metallic paint
Craft paper

1. You can start out with white or green paper. Choose a couple different shades of green mixed with yellow and use whatever your favorite method is of texturing. Before paint is completely dry, paint spirals to echo the spiral snail shell.

2. Give each student a small piece of Model Magic to form into a slug shape. Make two. Let dry.

3. Have students trace and cut circle or oval shapes from brown craft paper for shells. Draw the spiral on with chalk or marker of any color. Paint over with pearlized paint if desired. Also, if you have enough clay, you can have students make the shells from clay also. They can use the coil method.

4. Let students paint their slugs with metallic paint. Don't forget to make tiny eye antennas.

5. Glue on all the parts, emphasize to students to arrange so that they have room to make the "snail trails."

6. Have students make dotted curvy lines for trails, and sprinkle with glitter, if desired. You can also use colored glue.

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