Monday, June 4, 2012

Quilted Dogs

9X12 white paper
Printed paper
Tempera paint.
Tacky glue

1. Students make the background first. They may paint the 9X12 paper any color. We used the glue stamping technique, where they dipped a stamp in glue, then stamped the white paper. Let dry. Then, paint over it using even back and forth strokes. The glue stamp design will "resist" and show through. Or, you can simply paint it a solid color first, dry, then stamp.

2. Create a template for the dog head. Students will choose their favorite printed paper, and one more plain piece. With tacky glue, they will glue the two pieces together just at the edges. Leave it open at the top.

3. Stuff  with batting, and glue the open end shut. I used paper clips to help hold it together.

4. Attach ears, can be up or down.

5. Cut felt pieces and glue on. Add button eyes. I usedbrown and black buttons, but you could use any color.

6. Make a wedge shaped piece for the shoulders of the dog. Glue to the bottom of paper, and glue the head on top of that.

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