Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summertime Projects

Summer is here, and we are taking some breaths and maybe thinking a complete thought here and there! Last year, I thought I might try something a little different for the first project back to school, and we made some summer scenes, because well, it still feels like summer in TX. when we go back to school!

Paper cut to 12X15
Permanent markers
White oil pastel

1.Draw a wave design on white paper about half way up. (Yes, it can be a challenge to see white on white, but the kids actually enjoy the challenge) The paper can be turned either vertically or horizontally. Paint over with blue watercolor.

2. Provide handouts of different surfboard designs, and students can use their own ideas.  color with markers.

3. Use a template, or allow them to draw the surfboard shape, making it big enough. Glue onto waves. Cover surfboard with "wax" (varnish or Modpodge)

Beach Collages

White paper cut to 12X15
Manila paper, torn in half lengthwise
Blue plastic wrap, or cellophane
Little pieces of towel, cut about 2X3 inches

1. Paint sky with watercolor.
2. Glue manila paper across the bottom, trim off excess length.
3. Cut a small piece of plastic wrap to fit width wise. Wrinkle it and glue it across the top of manila paper.
4. Make small wavy lines with glue on "sand" or manila paper. Sprinkle sand over it.
5. Glue on some shells and the towel.
6. Glue on a sun.

Flip Flops

The idea for the flip flops came from Art Projects For Kids

Colored paper
Strips of printed scrap paper
White square paper about 12X12
Brass Brads

1. Paint the white paper with lt. brown watercolor using wet into wet.
2. Use a template to cut out flip flops, and a slightly bigger one for the edging. Glue these together.
3. Glue the straps to the back of the flipflop, coming out horizontally. Let dry.
4. Attach a brad to the ends of the strap and poke through the flip flop and attach. (You can pre-poke a hole to make it easier and more accurate.
5. Decorate background with swirls of glue, then sprinkle sand. Add a few shells

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