Thursday, June 7, 2012

Spring Blossom Sculptures

Saw this idea on Fem Manuals, but with a couple modifications. I have an abundance of baby food jars, so we used those instead of ceramic pots.


Twigs, about 10 inches

Pink, and white tissue paper squares
Baby Food Jars
Florist foam pieces
Dried moss
Twine or ribbon
Tacky glue

 1.If you do this with young ones, give students a jar with sticks already poked into some foam inside the jar. This is easier, as students might crush or break the foam.
2. Students will crinkle the tissue and glue it onto the sticks. Remind them that they can make some "buds" also.
3. When done let them place some moss on the top of the jar, and push it around and down so that it fits snugly.
4. Tie the twine or ribbon onto the jar.

These can be used for Mothers Day. If desired students can use paint markers to write something on the jar.

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