Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pop Art Pizza

Take Heed! You will end up with a lot of paper shreds on the floor!

Materials :

Brown grocery bags
Green paper
Brown paper
Beige scrap paper (like manila) that has been shredded. (You can cut it into shorter pieces)
Red vinyl or pleather.
Red paint
Other colored paper

1. Cut brown paper into long triangle shapes, appr. 10X18 inches. Students will partly roll the wide end to form the crust. Glue down.
2. Paint the triangle, or slice, with red paint for the sauce.
3. Once dry, let students glue on items they want on their pizza. They can cut out little sausage, tomatoe, pineapple, green onion pieces from paper.
4. Students can cut out circles from vinyl, or teacher can do for smaller children.
5. Make sure everything is glued securely.

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