Saturday, February 2, 2013


    I found the idea for this project here

 I did this project with Kindergarten
White paper 9X12
Grey paper
Light blue paper
Blue watercolor
White pastel
Black marker
1. Have students draw little waves on the white paper with the white pastel
2. They will paint over the paper with the watercolor, and the waves will show through.
3. They can cut about 3 inches off of the paper, and glue onto the lt. blue paper.
4. Provide a tear drop size template about 4 inches long for the shark. (Or, you may let them free draw the shape)
5. Cut out and glue onto blue watercolored paper at the top.
6. Add a fin at the top and sides.
7. Add a white smile shape.
8. They draw the black eyes and zig zags for the teeth.

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