Saturday, June 15, 2013

Crab Collages


White paper 9X12
Beige paper
Red felt
Scrap paper
Strips of mat board

1. Cut the beige paper into 3 inch wide strips. Have students tear the strips down lengthwise to give it an uneven look. This will be the sand at the bottom.
2. Cut the 9X12 felt in half. Give each student a half. They will cut an oval shape, or they can trace an oval template, and cut out.
3. Glue the sand strip at the bottom of the white paper.
4. Glue the oval felt shape right above the sand.
5. Have various small pieces of scrap paper. Students will cut out rings and circles and glue them onto the crab body.
6. They can cut several triangle shapes for the legs, and glue those on the sides. Crabs have eight legs, but it might be difficult to fit them all, so they could do 3 on each side.
7. Apply glue across bottom of beige paper, sprinkle sand over it, let dry.
8. Add buttons and beads for the eyes.
9. Cut strips of mat board very thinly on a paper cutter. Cut to be about 4 inches long.
10. Glue these on for antennas.
11. Gather some leaves that would work for the crab claws. Press them in a book overnight to help keep them from drying out. (I learned the hard way, if you don't do this, the leaves will crumble after they are glued on)
12. Cut the leaves in half, and glue on to make the claws
13. Apply ModPodge on the leaves to help preserve them.


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