Saturday, November 24, 2012

Caterpillar's Fruit

    I found this idea here. Very cute, and also has opportunities to bring in other concepts, which is a great thing about book based lessons.
         We read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Carle. We discussed topics such as healthy and unhealthy foods and what is a good food for a caterpillar. We made a list and drawings of the healthy fruits, and counted how many the caterpillar ate. After the project was complete, we ate some fruit just like the caterpillar!
9X12 colored paper
5X7 colored paper
Tempera paint
Tissue paper squares
1. Let the students choose the fruit they would like to make, and give them a 5X7 paper in the appr.color of the fruit.
2 You can provide templates for the fruits, or let them draw it themselves. Draw and cut out. Use glue and water to brush on tissue paper squares on the fruit.
3. Give students a choice of a contrasting color from their fruit. This will be the 9X12 paper.
4. Sponge or dab paint on paper in an analogous color to the paper.
5. Punch a hole into the fruit.
6. Glue the fruit onto the background paper and add stems and leaves.

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