Saturday, November 24, 2012

Scribble Scrabble Chickens

I frequently hear myself saying to my students "and remember, no scribble scrabble." Most students don't intend to do it, but just forget to take the time to color solidly. However, there are times, when a scribble look is desired. These chickens (or could be any bird) are great for younger students.


9X12 paper (I used tan, for a more rustic look)
Rust/orange paint
Yellow paper
Brown or white paper for egg

    1, Demonstrate to students how to go back and forth in different directions with the brush on the paper, starting in the middle. (Take it away before they do too much)
    2. Let dry and add a small yellow triangle for a beak and yellow strips of paper for hay.

    3. Add a brown or white egg to complete the nest!


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