Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Art "Junk" Wreath

The eternal art teachers habit: saving stuff! As my students have used up markers, I have saved the lids, knowing that somehow, someday I would use them for something. I wanted to make a new sign for my room, so I decided to make a wreath.
1. Get a styrofoam wreath; whatever size you wish. You may want to cover it with fabric or paint it, just to cover up the white styrofoam. I used some blue ribbon I had already.
2. Glue on marker caps.
Glue caps to the top and inside circle around the wreath.
I made a "bow"  from caps, then glued on used colored pencils on the top. I attached a ribbon to the back for hanging and some small letters attached with colored wire. Get a wreath hanger and hang!

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