Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Craft Stick Puzzles


1. Use wide craft sticks. You may wish to paint them.

2.Choose a favorite art image and print it to appr. 5X7 size.
Also print a wallet size image for the front of the box.

3. Cover with clear contact paper to help them last longer. You can also varnish the sticks.

 4. Line up the sticks straight. Glue the image onto the sticks. Let dry

 5. Turn the glued sticks upside down, and using an exacto knife, cut in between each stick.

 6. Glue or tape the wallet size image onto a plastic box and place stick puzzle into box. These seem like  they would be very easy puzzles to do, but they are actually challenging, and elementary age students enjoy them. I use them as an early finisher activity.


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