Friday, December 12, 2014

Steaming Cups

Colored permanent markers
9X12 white paper
Small pieces of batting
1. This lesson plan allows the students to choose and draw very simple patterns. You could also adapt this to holiday time and students can make a festive tea or coffee cup.
2. Give suggestions to students on drawing very simple patterns in the background and on the cup. Instruct to use basic easy patterns with simple lines and shapes. Also stress that patterns should not be too small and squished together.
You may provide one or more types of cup templates for students to use, or guide them in drawing their own. They can add their own type of handle, and they will also draw a saucer underneath. Instruct on drawing the horizontal line halfway across. They will then draw their patterns on the cup, background and foreground.
3. Students then use markers to color in designs.
4. Take small pieces of batting and roll in your hands and glue securely on, to show steam coming up.




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